Economic Impact Of Super Bowl 2023 And Products Offered During Game Week

By Sushan Shrestha / 21 May 2023 07:17 AM

SB XLIX generated a highest of 720 million dollars
Source : twitter

Economic impact of Super Bowl 2023 was approximately $600 million in revenue for Arizona. Economic impact of Super Bowl was highest in 2015 at $720 million.

Four NFL championships have been held in Arizona, the latest three being organized at the State Farm Stadium. Among the four, the ones in 2015 and 2023 crossed the 500 million dollar mark.

The 2008 mega event landed $501 million. The consumer spending during that period was 9.47 billion dollars.

In 2015, consumer spending reached $14.31 billion. An increase of $2.19 billion was felt in 2023, reports Statista.

The sponsoring brands cost $170 million for brand exposure in 2023. Around 100K people visited Arizona, and 80-90% were outsiders.

Each commercial cost the advertiser $7 million. Likewise, the standard ticketing price started at $950 and got the highest at $6,200.

An increase of up to 300% in the regular rate was noticed for hotels, meaning a hefty sum was generated from the tourists.

Economic Impact Of Super Bowl

Economic impact of Super Bowl 2019 resulted in $400 million. The event was organized at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

New England Patriots defeated Los Angeles Rams by a deficit of 10 points. The final score was 13-3.

SB LIII banked $400 million
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The charge for each 30-second advertisement was $5.25 million. The halftime show featured Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi.

Over the weekend, around 1 million people passed through the host city, and 75,000 attended the SB. An approximate 98.48 average viewership was recorded.


Economic impact of Super Bowl 2018 was $450 million. The SB LII was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

An average visitor spends $608 daily, which saw a surplus of $484 more than a regular tourist. Likewise, the cost for the commercial was set at $5 million.


Economic impact of Super Bowl 2016 made 350 million dollars. A total of 71,088 were present to watch Denver Broncos beat Carolina Panthers.

Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, hosted the fixture. A staggering 111.86 million people nationwide tuned in to watch the tie.

5 million dollars was the price set for the commercial. An individual spent around $2k to $3k, landing a total of $15.3 billion in consumer spending.


Super Bowl 2014 economic impact touched $331.8 million. Initially, an estimation of $550 to $600 million was made, reports The New York Times.

82,529 people attended the event at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The price for the advertisement was locked at $4 million.

Approximately 112.19 million people watched it nationwide.

What Types Of Businesses In The Area Hosting The Super Bowl Will Profit From The Experience?

Types of businesses in the areas hosting the Super Bowl that will profit from the experience are hotels, merchandising shops, restaurants, and others.

Merchandising shops profits during SB
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Every year millions of people visit the Super Bowl-hosting city and spend good fortune during their stay. The creation of new employment opportunities, both short and long-term, can help boost that place's economy to some extent. In 2020, 4,500 new jobs were opened in Miami when they hosted SB LIV.

Likewise, the nearby areas of the core SB host city also generate healthy revenue. Tourism flourishes in such areas, and every business gets a monetary boost.

Here are the major business areas that can turn their fortunes because of the championship fixture:

Hotels and Restaurants

Due to the high flow of people to the host city, the demand for their lodging and flooding also surges. Hotels are booked in advance, and new rooms must be added to meet the demand.

Likewise, new hotels around the area open and gets good business during that span. It can have a good impact on their ratings and can help them establish themselves in the market.

Beers, other beverages, and food items, like pizza and wings, are heavily demanded. It helps pubs, bars, and restaurants to bring in good profits.

Merchandising and Souvenir Shops

People from different places will most likely hit the merchandising and souvenir shops when they gather for the mega event.

The team's jersey and other apparel sell out much quicker than the regular period. People also like taking mementos back home.

Other businesses with clever marketing techniques that can get the upper hand are:

  • Electronics Store
  • Retail Shops
  • Boutiques
  • Furniture Stores
  • Book Stores
  • Event Planners
  • Online Advertisers
  • Security Companies
  • Staffing Companies
  • Transportation Services

How Much Money Is Expected To Be Brought Into The Hosting City As A Result Of Super Bowl Tourism?

The expected money to be brought into the hosting city as a result of Super Bowl tourism is more than $300 million. The maximum range depends on several things.

A glimpse of party at SB LIV in Miami
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With every new Super Bowl, the audience gets to have a fresh experience. A new city can be the perfect place for a gateway trip to watch the best match and enjoy diverse forms of entertainment.

2023 landed 600 million dollars for the host. Likewise, the prior year made $477 million for Los Angeles.

The 2024 event will be held in Nevada, which presents more opportunities for economic boost. The city of Las Vegas, with its casinos, hotels, and many other forms of attractions, will play as the perfect host to organize a massive NFL party.

How Does The NFL Determine What City/Venue Will Host The Super Bowl?

The NFL determines the city/venue for the hosting of the Super Bowl based on different criteria. The Warm Vs. Cold weather also is a determining factor.

Arizona was selected for SB LVII in 2018
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The NFL committee selects a host city three or four years earlier to give them the necessary time for preparation. CNN reported that Miami was selected as a host in May 2016 to conduct Super Bowl LIV.

Earlier, bidding from different cities was required, and the best from the lot would be offered for the occasion. But, it has changed, and at present, NFL checks out the necessary criteria and proposes that to the city. Negotiations on various terms are relayed from both sides, and the deal is sealed.

Various other requirements that are checked before asking for a place to conduct such a prestigious and humongous proceeding are listed below:

  • The city must have a 70,000 seating capacity stadium
  • An official NFL stadium must be situated in that place
  • The host stadium must belong to one of the NFL franchises
  • With a one-mile radius, a minimum of 35,000 parking allotments must be available
  • The minimum temperature of the city must be 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The chosen stadium must have excellent infrastructure facilities for media, security, and communication
  • A required number of hotels must be present nearby the stadium (within a distance of one hour)
  • Gameday experience space must be accessible
  • NFL experience area must be allocated by the host
  • Equal and identical practice areas must be provided to the participating teams

What Are Three Super Bowl Commemorative/Themed Products Produced And Offered To Consumers?

Products offered by the Super Bowl are pizza, drinks, and apparel. Team attires and SB-themed items go big on this day.

The most sold product is food and drinks. Almost everyone enjoying the 3+ hour show fills their belly with various food.

Likewise, foam fingers and footballs, decals, flags, football bottle openers, and football magnets are also bought by the fans.

How much does food cost at the Super Bowl?

A burger and fries were priced at $12 at the Super Bowl LVII. Replacing the burger with chicken strips was offered at $13.

Bottled Water cost $6.50 in 2023 SB
Source : twitter

A tallboy beer went at $16 for domestic. Meanwhile, the premium costs $17. A draught beer was sold for $16, reports New York Post.

Some other food items, along with their cost, are mentioned below:

  • Desert Kebabs - $10
  • Bottled Water - $6.60
  • Popcorn - $7.50
  • Smoothies - $9.50
  • Chips - $4
  • Nachos - $11
  • Hot Dog - $8 (with fries - $9)
  • Gatorade - $6.50
  • Souvenir soda - $12
  • Cocktails - $8 to $22.50
  • Candy - $5
  • Peanuts - $7
  • Big AZ dog with chili and cheese $15

What Products Do Stores Typically Sell The Most Of On Super Bowl Week/Weekend?

Products that stores typically sell the most on Super Bowl week/weekend are beer, chicken wings, and NFL apparel. Pizza also makes the list.

As mentioned earlier, food items are the most sold items in any Super Bowl. Not only in the host city but also nationwide, people get ready with different dishes to watch the match.

Beer and Pizza are two of the most sold items
Source : facebook

Among the drinks, beer is the most consumed item. In the stadium, soft drinks, energy drinks, and water also make the list.

Likewise, wearing NFL jerseys, caps, and other attire gives a different feel to the game. The sense of belonging provided by it and the additional excitement makes the perfect combination.

A list of things that stores sell the most are as follows:

  • Pizza
  • Beer
  • Chicken Wings
  • NFL clothing items
  • NFL gear
  • Energy Drinks
  • Chips
  • Snacks
  • New Television
  • Decorations

Approximately How Much Money Per Customer Will Be Spent On The Super Bowl This Year?

Approximately a costumer will spend more than 115 dollars on the super bowl this year. Las Vegas will require more daily spending for an average person in 2024.

CNBC reported that in 2023 an individual spent $22 more. The average spending was $115 in 2023 and $88 in 2022. It includes the demographics ranging from age 18 to 77.

Fox40 reported an estimate of $85.36 per head for 2023. Just some dollars surpassed it. It means whatever estimation will be made for 2024, we can expect the actual spending to be a bit more.

The majority of the money was spent on food and beverage.

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