Why Is Good Morning Football Not On Today? Cancelled Or Still On Air

By Sushan Shrestha / 26 June 2023 10:29 AM

Good Morning Football has been airing for over six years
Good Morning Football has been airing for over six years( Source : twitter )

NFL Network Good Morning Football was not on for the past week as they were on holiday. The rumors of the show's cancelation are not true.

Jamie Erdahl has not left the show and will return with her family after a few weeks’ retreat.

NFL Network Good Morning Football has been running continuously for over six years. After no live GMFB for the whole week, they are back on track starting this Monday.

The morning football talk program was first televised on the NFL network in 2016. It comprised Kay Adams, Nate Burleson, Kyle Brandt, and Peter Schrager as the hosts.

In one of the latest segments, the presenters discussed the impact of Jimmy Garoppolo's injuries in the Las Vegas Raiders. They presented a discussion on whether the Raiders should be worried about that or not.

A graph for the last five years showed the Quarterback missed 33 matches. The ACL, ankle, calf/thumb, and foot injuries lost the QB a handful of playing time.

The crew brings in new discussion topics from the current trends and news and provides analytical analysis. Over the years, the show has become a staple for NFL fans to chime in and learn about diverse topics.

What Happened To Good Morning Football?

Good Morning Football was on a holiday for a week but they are still up and running. They have some changes in the presenters' department in 2022.

Apart from that, the program still airs from 7 to 10 am on the NFL network.

In one of the latest episodes, Miami Dolphins head coach, Mike McDaniel, was interviewed. The importance of self-scouting was brought to light.

He was present via video conferencing from his home in Massachusetts.

Likewise, they also reviewed the best defense in the league's history. The comparison between the 2000's Ravens and the 2013's Seahawks was brought into play.

What Happened To Good Morning Football Weekend?

Good Morning Football Weekend has been pulled off and has not been last airing since last week. The social media handles also show only Monday to Friday, 7 am.

No reason has been revealed either by the cast or the NFL network about its discontinuation on the weekends. Apart from that, the show has been operating in full force on weekdays.

Is Good Morning Football Cancelled?

NFL Network Good Morning Football is not canceled. Good Morning Football is still on air from 7 to 10 am daily.

The NFL Network has no intention of pulling the plug. The GMF is an excellent production with knowledgeable panelists.

It has amassed a significant following since its inception on 1st August 2016. The daily discussion of NFL news, stories, and analysis helps a football fan gain insight into the football world.

It is one of the shows which survived the COVID-19 global pandemic.

During that phase, when the production was delayed, and fans did not see the program on TV for some time, concern about its cancelation arose.

One of the hosts, Kyle Brandt, addressed the situation through a tweet and told the viewers that it was only a short break.

As Brandt said, the program was back. In 2023, it is still broadcasting on the NFL network with some new faces.

Where Is Jamie Erdahl On Good Morning Football?

Good Morning Football Jamie Erdahl is currently on vacation for a few weeks, which was highlighted well in her recent Instagram stories.

Joining back in mid-2022, she was an excellent replacement for Kay Adams. So far, Eradahl has delivered a good display from her end.

As seen in her IG stories, she was at Buddakan NYC enjoying her drink.  The same evening she visited New York Vintners.

Afterward, she was seen having breakfast with her younger daughter Avery Buckman in Wilton, Connecticut.

By the looks of it, we can see she will be spending her time off with her family and will allocate much-needed time with her two children and husband, Sa Buckman.

Who Is Hosting Good Morning Football Today?

Good Morning Football Sarah Walsh is hosting the show today. Walsh will be hosting the morning program on weekdays until Jamie Erdahl returns from her vacation.

Sarah hails from Tampa, Florida, and has been working as a sportscaster since 2000.

Good Morning Football new host is a graduate of the University of North Florida. She played soccer for her college team. She has four regional Emmys for her work at WKRN.

The talented personality hosted Monday Night Live with Jeff Fisher. She was also a radio show host.

Her other works include Sports Director at WPGA, sports writer for the Beaches Leader, and host at ESPN’s Sportscenter. She was also an anchor for the NASCAR coverage.

The 45-year-old is married to former Arizona Diamonds pitcher Mat Buschmann and has two sons named Hutton and Brees.

Where Is Good Morning Football?

Good Morning Football is in New York City. They are at SportsNet New York, 4 World Trade Center, for weekday productions.

Likewise, the weekend shoots are filmed in NFL Films in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

The set of Good Morning Football in New York City
The set of Good Morning Football in New York City( Source : twitter )

The project was based on CBS Broadcast Center in New York City in 2016. They were located at that place till 2018.

A shift to The NFL Experience at Time Square was seen in 2018.

The three-hour show was correct to place in New York. Doing the show to meet the audience's time on the East Coast required the crew to begin shooting at 4 in the morning if they were in Los Angeles.

Previously, productions like NFL AM and NFL HQ were in Los Angeles and couldn't stick for an extended run.


Good Morning Football cast changes include the addition of Jamie Erdahl. She filled in the vacant space left by Kay Adams.

Jamie Eadahl and Jason McCourty were added as the co-hosts
Jamie Eadahl and Jason McCourty were added as the co-hosts( Source : twitter )

Jamie Erdahl became a permanent member of the team after the departure of Adams in mid-2022. Before that, she worked as a lead sideline correspondent for SEC on the CBS network.

The talented individual is from Bloomington, Minnesota. She was affiliated with New England Sports Network in the early 2010s. The 34-year-old joined CBS back in 2014. 

Good Morning Football host Jason McCourty was also a replacement for Nate Burleson. Nate was with the team from 2016 to 2022. The former Wide Receiver went on to work as a presenter on CBS This Morning.

McCourty was an NFL cornerback and a Super Bowl winner. He joined the presentation crew in 2022. Erdahl and McCourty appear on the weekdays of the production.

Kyle Brandt and Peter Schrager also take weekday duties. Colleen Wolfe handles the weekends.

Likewise, Michael Robinson and DeAngelo Hall also occasionally appear on weekdays. Mike Garafolo is another member who is seen all around the week.

Why did Kay Adams leave Good Morning Football?

Kay Adams left Good Morning Football to start working as a host on 'Up and Adams.' 

Kay Adams has he own show called 'Up and Adams'
Kay Adams has he own show called 'Up and Adams'( Source : instagram )

Adams hails from Chicago, Illinois. She is a graduate in communications from the University of Missouri.

The 37-year-old began her caster career as the St. Louis Cardinals'  in-game host. She was also part of the NFL Sunday Ticket Fantasy Zone.

Kay was affiliated with FanDuel while working as a reporter for NBC Sports Network. She was hired to co-hots Good Morning Football in 2016.

In 2022, the television personality left the NFL network and collaborated with FanDuel. On 6th September 2022, she debuted on Up and Adams. It airs on weekdays for an hour from 11 a.m. onwards.

New York Post reported that Kay's contract was about to expire, and she knew that she wouldn't continue with GMF in 2021. She didn't renew her tenure because she wanted to do something different.

Another article from the NY Post stated that she was one of the front-runners for 'Thursday Night Football,' while FanDuel was consistently pursuing her. At last, she decided to make arrangements with her former employer, and she is now working successfully in 'Up and Adams.'

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