Will Madden 24 Be Next Gen On Pc?

By Sampada Sharma / 8 June 2023 06:10 AM

Bills Quarterback Josh Allen is the cover athlete of Madden 24.
Bills Quarterback Josh Allen is the cover athlete of Madden 24.( Source : instagram )

Madden 24 will be Next Gen on PC and will offer FieldSense and the new Sapien Technology to all platforms. All next gen features will be available to PC users.

Fans who were disappointed with previous releases will be happy to know features on the latest consoles will also appear on PC with full support for cross-play.

Madden 24 cover athlete release on June 7, 2023, confirmed Josh Allen as the new face of the game. Patrick Mahomes graced the cover in 2020, Lamar Jackson in 2021, and Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes in 2022. Hopefully, Allen will not be a victim of the Madden Curse.

The reveal trailer has no doubt piqued the interest of gamers into wondering how they can participate in the beta period and experience new features introduced. The community can finally start looking forward to new features installed in the game and whether or not crossplay is possible.

Madden NFL 24 will become available on August 18 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. To get your hands on it early, you can pre-order the Deluxe Edition and receive three days of early access.

Madden 24 PC Next Gen Console

Madden 24 next gen PC Console features include animation system SAPIEN and FieldSense. FieldSense had already been introduced in the previous release of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions.

PC players have had to remain on older gen consoles for more than two years. The new launch will change this as it receives the same features as the other consoles. No longer will certain gameplay elements be accessible only on next gen consoles and not PC. Finally, the PC version is no longer treated as a stepchild.

FIFA 23 was next gen on PC which had people wondering if Madden will follow in its footsteps. 

The gaming community was rife with discussions and comments on not buying another Madden until it introduced next gen port to PC. Everyone was sick of having to choose between fps and graphics, even so far as going to say last year's version was a complete waste of $60. 

The highlights in the modern PC version are:

  • AI enhancements
  • Superstar mode
  • Mini-games
  • cross-play support
  • Hit everything (Contested catch tackles, Wrap tackles and Scoop tackles)
  • Skill passed passing (overhauled catching system)
  • improvement in the fluidity of the player's motion
  • more body definition and variation to on-field physiques
  • Refs are back

However, due to new features added, the price for the PC has hiked from $60 to $70. The Deluxe edition costs $90 which will change to $100 after August 18. Buying the Deluxe edition will give three days early access and award you with 4600 points. 

Will Madden 24 Be Cross Play

Madden 24 will be cross play allowing XBox X, PS5, and PC users to play against each other. The news was first reported by Dov Kleiman on May 25.

However, the cross play will not be available for franchise mode. It does, however, remain a possibility before next year's Madden.

According to EA Tiburon senior design director Connor Dougan, developers are working on it to make cross-play a possibility in franchise mode in the near future. However, it will not be present in this year's launch.

Madden 24 will introduce crossplay  allowing XBox X, PS5, and PC users to play against each other.
Madden 24 will introduce crossplay allowing XBox X, PS5, and PC users to play against each other. ( Source : instagram )

While EA Sports had already introduced crossplay to FIFA and NHL, this is the first time it has brought the long-asked feature to Madden. It will allow complete cross-platform play.

The feature became available on FIFA 23. Players could compete against each other in multiple 1v1 modes and Ultimate Team. It was not accessible to Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team co-op.

NHL 23 introduced cross-console play only for Ultimate Team private matches.

Madden 24 Beta Registration

Madden 24 beta registration period ran for eight days from April 21 to April 28, 2023.

The announcement for the registration was only done through Madden NFL Direct Twitter page on April 21. NFL enthusiasts could log into their EA account to register for a limited opportunity. It was later posted by Popular Stranger.

Only those with next generation consoles are able to participate in the closed beta. If you do not own PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S or PC, it is probably time you gave up your current generation consoles. Other requirements to participate requires you to be 18+ and a resident of the United States or Canada. If you do not qualify, you will not receive any details.

Players whose Cloud Franchise Leagues were affected by corrupted files will receive access to the closed beta and also receive a 50% discount on Madden NFL 24.

All impacted Franchise players will receive an invite for access to the Madden NFL 24 closed beta on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Those players will also receive a 50% discount on Madden NFL 24.

Gamers who are accepted will receive more details about the free beta period on June 8. The email will disclose all information needed for fans to download and participate. 

During this period, die-hard fans will have the opportunity to try out the newest Madden edition before it drops in the summer. They can then drop their feedback about the new NFL game before EA Sports makes final adjustments.

It has not yet been disclosed how long the closed beta will run. Previously, the Madden beta period closed off on June 27 after running for 26 days when Madden 23 was in the works. 

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