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By Shraddha Rai / 1 June 2023 10:04 AM

XFLxUSFL mod in Madden 23 with Ducky Community Legend jersey
XFLxUSFL mod in Madden 23 with Ducky Community Legend jersey ( Source : twitter )

Madden Modding Community Discord is a reliable platform for accessing mods. There are multiple versions of modifications for roster, stadium and visuals.

The Madden NFL video game series first came out on the first of June 1988 under the name John Madden Football. Since then, there has not been a year, EA Sports has failed to launch a new one in the series.

However, there was a discontinuation of some versions like Madden 08. IGN reports that to keep it alive a user named Mardagg started modding around 2004.

Since then, it has been the norm but 2008 is the year it became big. They also started using it for editing rosters, uniforms, coaches, and players after that.

Modders use their blood, sweat, and tears to create modding. Mods have been changing the way one plays Madden by matching with the contemporary rosters, uniforms, playbooks, and next year's rosters.

There are instructions, help, guides, and everything you need in the community. But the rules should be followed strictly after being part of the community.

Madden 23 PC Mods Explained

Madden 23 PC Mods are the modifications developed by the Madden Modding Community to the actual game to make it more enjoyable.

Mods were created for the PC version of the Madden 23 game series to customize the game. Applying the mods is bound to improve the game because it gives a personal touch to the gameplay experience.

The franchise sims are improved, and a new progression can also be created. In the Discord community, the modders work passionately to create mods so that additional features can be provided.

Madden 23 introduced next-gen animation, roster updates, new stadium animation patches, graphical enhancements, and gameplay tweaks overall.

The mods can be classified as:

  • Visual mods
  • Roster mods
  • Stadium mods

Those who use Personal Computers can download and install the Madden 23 PC Mods easily. It is available on the Madden Modding Community Discord where the modders share it.

However, per Reddit users, Madden 23 has been shunned by the modding community. Meanwhile, PC gamers resisted buying Madden 23.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers of New York Jets in the Madden NFL 23
Quarterback Aaron Rodgers of New York Jets in the Madden NFL 23( Source : instagram )

Madden 22 Modifications

Madden 22 mods are comparatively better than Madden 23, according to BETTER STRONGER GAMING.

The 22 version came out earlier. Madden 23 was supposed to be finer than its precursor, but the reality was different.

Madden 22 PC Mods were also made for the PC version of Madden 22.

Under it, the gameplay mods contribute to strengthing the mechanics of the gameplay, like player attributes and AI behavior.

On the other hand, the visual mods aim to provide a visually striking experience by improving the lighting and textures. It also creates realistic player models in the game.

Similarly, the main objective of roster mods is to keep up with the latest trends of the National Football League and update the rosters regularly.

This feature tries to upgrade everything from the draft picks to the transfer players to provide a real-time experience and make the game more interesting.

In terms of stadium modifications, it is done so that the best stadiums can be delivered for the players. It tries to incorporate new venues or renovate the old ones.

To do all this, Madden 22 on PC is required, which can be obtained from Steam, Madden's website, or Amazon.

Madden 22 Start Today Mod enhances the game with updated rosters, uniforms, player portraits, and network broadcasts.

Madden Modding In Discord

Madden Modding in Discord has several communities and servers to provide you with mods. An invitation is needed at first to acquire the mods.

As we know, Discord is a social app where people with similar interests can communicate over text or voice. Even the Madden Modding fanatics have created this community in Discord where modders actively create and share mods.

It is the best use of social media that allows participants to indulge in discussions regarding modding techniques. The community members can also share their progress and provide feedback.

The modders who can not make money from their work can get highly encouraged by such engagements. By accumulating all the creative criticisms and tips, excellent mods can be developed for the video game series.

Discord is used for the active creation, collaboration, exploration, distribution, and sharing of the mods. In a way, it has done a good job of flourishing the Madden community.

Madden 19 NCAA Mod updated the uniform of South Carolina in December 2018
Madden 19 NCAA Mod updated the uniform of South Carolina in December 2018( Source : twitter )

There are more than 26,000 members in the Discord community, with almost 4000 people online regularly. Here are the Discord Servers for Madden:

  • Madden Core
  • Mustangs Gaming
  • Hall of Fame Madden Hub
  • CSFL Season IX
  • Gamers Ground

There is an installation guide in the Discord community as well. The process has been described briefly:

  1. First of all, open your web browser.
  2. Download WinRAR for your Personal Computer and install it.
  3. Then, download the FIFA Mod Manager Tool. Using WinRAR, the mod managing tool can be opened.
  4. You must find the best mods after opening the FIFA Mod Manager Tool. Go to your web browser and search for the modded Madden community.
  5. You will find the finest Madden community from there. You can pick Synthro's Start Today Mod because it includes next year's brand-new roster.
  6. If you are interested in a franchise mod, community creations are available.
  7. After that, you can select Launch on the left side. It will take some to apply all the mods.

Madden 23 Downloads available in Discord are:

  • Start Today Mod M23
  • Roster Downloads
  • MMC Scorebug Mods
  • Community Creations

Madden 22 Downloads are:

  • Sinthros Start Today Mod
  • Sabo Gameplay Mod
  • Sabo Franchise Mod
  • MMC Scorebug Mods
  • MMC Sound Mods
  • BPHITS -CFB22 Mod
  • Roster and Draft Classes

The Madden NFL Football PC released mods are:

  1. Sabo's The Revival Gameplay Mod - Madden 20 Edition
  2. USFL x XFL Mod for Madden 23
  3. Aholbert32's Madden 20 Stadium Mod
  4. Minnesota State Screaming Eagles
  5. Updated Madden rosters
  6. D105+ College Football MOD 22
  7. Madden 20 Coach Mode and CPU vs. CPU Mod

Madden 24 Beta Release Date

Madden 24 Beta release date is scheduled for Friday the 8th of June 2023. The Beta will last only for two or three weeks.

Last year, the Madden 23 Beta ran from the 2nd to the 27th of June. So, the fans are anticipating that it will run for a similar time period this year as well.

On 21 April 2023, it was announced onĀ MaddenNFLDirect's Twitter page that interested candidates could apply for it by logging into their EA accounts.

By registering there, avid Madden gamers can get a golden opportunity to try out the latest edition of Madden 23 for free. After the Beta ends, they can review the video game.

EA considers their feedback and criticism and adjusts the game before its official release.

However, only American and Canadian citizens with Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PlayStation 5 can participate in it. Later, it was announced that the closed beta will be accessible on Steam Platforms and EA app.

Apart from that, to be eligible to partake, the users must have celebrated their 18th birthday.

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