What Channel Is NFL Network On Spectrum In Wisconsin? And Other State Channels List

By Ayush Khadka / 16 August 2023 09:34 AM

Various US states feature different numbers for the cable.
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NFL Network on Spectrum in Wisconsin is on Channel No. 15 and 669. NFL Redzone is on Channel No. 316. 

NFL Network is a sports media platform that covers the National Football League and its affairs. Owned by the League itself, the network is a part of the NFL media and is quite popular in the United States.

Millions of fans come to flock to the platform to watch their favorite franchise play games live, as well as listen to the analysis done by great analysts and commentators. Since NFL is the biggest sports market in the USA, many states have implemented the network's cable services. 

Offered in multiple cable providers like Xfinity, Cox, Optimum, and Spectrum, fans have various options for subscription to NFL Network. Spectrum is one of the finer choices to watch NFL content in many US states.

NFL Network On Spectrum Channels

NFL Network on Spectrum channel contains various American cities like Kansas City - Channel No. 310 and 2. Louisville - No. 547.

NFL's media has many outlets that broadcasts their games to general public.
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The Football platform will be showcased in varying numbers throughout the USA. Spectrum has implemented this method since they have put the platform based on the viewers' area code.

Every state and its cities have their area codes, and hence the media is displayed on different numbers. One person from Alabama will watch the network on a different channel number, compared to a viewer from Texas.

Here is the list of channel numbers in various US Cities where the NFL Network is available on Spectrum:

  • Dallas, Texas - No. 30, 738
  • Austin, Texas - No. 310
  • Louisville, Kentuky - No. 547
  • Kansas City, Missouri - No. 310
  • Indianapolis, Indiana - No. 83, 416
  • Creswell, Oregon - No. 18, 807
  • Buffalo, New York - No. 96, 310
  • Brooklyn, New York - No. 310
  • Birmingham - No. 90, 416
  • Charlotte, North Carolina - No. 310
  • Lexington, Kentucky - No. 547
  • Raleigh, North Carolina - No. 310
  • Albany, New York - No. 74, 310
  • San Antonio, Texas - No. 310
  • Reno, Nevada - No. 14, 800
  • Wapato, Washington - 20, 807
  • Durham, North Carolina- No. 310
  • Sartell, Minnesota - No. 14, 822
  • Corpus Christi, Texas - No. 94, 310
  • Maryville, Tennessee - No. 22, 826
  • Lincoln, Nebraska - No. 99
  • Athens, Georgia - No. 20, 822
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming - No. 17, 625
  • Midland, Michigan - No. 37, 711
  • Carson City, Nevada  - No. 14, 800

From the aforementioned list, we can witness that Channel No. 310 is the most common one in US cities. Many New York, North Carolina, and Texas cities boast the same number. 

What Channel Is NFL Network On Spectrum In Ohio?

NFL Network on Spectrum in Ohio is on Channel number 346

Bengals and Browns have been around for more than 50 years.
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The major cities for the platform's attraction in Ohio state are Cincinnati and Cleveland. Both these cities contain an NFL team on them, aka Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. 

The Bengals have an energetic fanbase, and Canada Sports Betting reported that their fans are the most dedicated since 2020. Moreover, Betway determined that the Bengals are the fastest-growing franchise. Their IG followers have almost doubled (94.68%) in the last year. 

Meanwhile, Cleveland Browns also contain great fans in their home city. Although they have yet to achieve the Super Bowl, over 1.2 million fans are present on Facebook and are passionate like the Bengals. 

What Channel Is NFL Network On Spectrum In California?

NFL Network on Spectrum in California is on Channels 39, 310, and 732. The numbers vary according to the cities. 

Here is the list of California Cities with their Spectrum channel numbers:

  • Los Angeles - No. 310
  • Bakersfield - No. 52, 116
  • Anaheim - No. 310
  • Long Beach -  No. 39, 732
  • San Diego - No. 310

California is home to 3 NFL teams, two in Los Angeles (Chargers and Rams) and one in San Francisco (49ers). 

Los Angeles is the second highest populated city in the USA and contains SoFi stadium where the Rams and Chargers play their home games. After the Super Bowl LVI win, Rams fans have subsequently increased and they boast more than 1.5 million IG followers. 

Both Rams and Chargers are NFL teams that moved to LA in 2016 and 2017 respectively. More population and business opportunity has led them to go to LA. The Rams also gained a dedicated fanbase with an average attendance of 72k spectators in 2022 season. 

How Much Is NFL Network On Spectrum?

NFL Network on Spectrum is available for $7 per month with Sports View. The fee is an add-on to the basic package. 

Spectrum is one of the largest cable providers.
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After the addition of Sports View, fans can gain access to NFL content 24 hours a week. They can watch live games, replays, classics, and Super Bowl matches with ease. However, after a month, the viewers need to renew their subscriptions. 

Since Football fans majorly watch the Regular Season and Playoffs, they will be interested to watch the games from September to February. In this 6-month timeframe, the audience could pay $42 in total.

NFL Network On Spectrum Packages

Spectrum Packages For NFL contains the Spectrum TV Select Signature with the addition of Sports View. 

The TV Select package is priced at $59.99 per month. It contains all the media worthy of sports enthusiasts like ESPN, SEC Network, and Fox Sports 1.

Moreover, with the addition of Sports View, fans will have added bonus of NFL RedZone, NFL Network, and FS2.

NFL Redzone In Spectrum

NFL Redzone on Spectrum channel differs per the area code of the cities. Los Angeles covers No. 311 while Cincinnati is in No. 347. 

Red Zone has gained traction in the recent years.
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The list of channel numbers for the NFL Redzone on Spectrum is presented below:

  • Los Angeles, California - No. 311
  • Midland, Michigan - No. 227
  • Lincoln, Nebraska - No. 311
  • Cincinnati, Ohio - No. 347
  • Orlando, Florida - No. 826
  • Carson City, Nevada - No. 417
  • Athens, Georgia - No. 323
  • Brooklyn, New York - No. 311
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming - No. 126
  • Louisville, Kentucky - No. 548
  • Great Falls, Montana - No. 126
  • Indianapolis, Indiana - No. 417

NFL Network Spectrum Channel Milwaukee 

NFL Network Spectrum in Milwaukee is on Channel No. 346 and 1346

Milwaukee is considered the 2nd home for Packers franchise.
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Although Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin state, they do not have a Football team affiliated to them unlike Basketball or Ice Hockey. The mid-west state contains a franchise called Green Bay Packers but is situated in Green Bay City. 

Nevertheless, Milwaukee has become a second home for the Packers fans, since the club's history intertwines with the city. The Packers split their home games schedule in Milwaukee and Green Bay from 1933 to 1994. Whenever they were at Milwaukee, the team played at Milwaukee County Stadium. 

Raiders Game On Spectrum

Las Vegas Raiders game on Spectrum can be viewed on Channel No. 14 and 800

Raiders moved to Vegas in 2020.
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With the relocation from California's Oakland to Las Vegas in 2020, the Raiders are the latest franchise to move their team away from their old city. However, unlike the Chargers' relocation, it was not too controversial. 

LV Raiders fans can watch NFL Redzone on channel no. 417 for in-depth analysis and Sunday afternoon games. Spectrum Cable supports the cities of Reno and Carson City in Nevada.

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