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Troy Aikman New Girlfriend Haley Clark Age Difference

By Sushan Shrestha / 8 June 2023 06:59 AM

Troy Aikman and Haley Clark recently traveled to Capri, Italy
Troy Aikman and Haley Clark recently traveled to Capri, Italy( Source : instagram )

Troy Aikman new girlfriend Haley Clark was spotted on the Almalfi Coast enjoying the vacation reports New York Post. Hely posted the pictures from outing.

The picture of the ex-sportsperson and Clark on Instagram has raised various questions. The recent photographs posted by Haley saw her kiss the NFL legend on the cheek while her hand was placed on his thigh.

Mrs. Aikman was nowhere in the scene. What does it hint at? Are they separating, or have they already separated?

The recent reveal has brought turmoil among the fans. Both parties are yet to address the public about their status. Troy was spotted with Haley previously during the UCLA Quarterback Club on 20th April.

Who Is Troy Aikman Partner?

Troy Aikman partner Haley Clark is a Senior Director of Sales at Q Clothier since January 2022, per her LinkedIn.

Haley is the middle child of the Clark household. Her elder sister is Courtney Clark Merriman, and her younger brother is Robert Clark, a.k.a. Bob Dallas.

Haley with her siblings Courtney and Robert
Haley with her siblings Courtney and Robert( Source : instagram )

Courtney is married and has two children. The identical twins were born to her. They are named Jack and Liam.

Likewise, Robert is an artist and designer. He celebrates his natal day on 3rd May.

He tied knot with Jonathan Brenner on 11 November 2021. The siblings are close to each other. They are often seen together hanging out and having fun times.

Haley Clark Professional Life

She has been working in sales since 2009. Her first job was at KSDesign, where she worked as an assistant for five months.

In April 2011, the individual joined BUYER 10 as a buying intern. She handled merchandise inventory, spreadsheets, and selection and helped organize events for the firm.

The Southern Methodist University alumnus has been in sales since 2009
The Southern Methodist University alumnus has been in sales since 2009( Source : instagram )

From 2011 to 2013, she worked at three companies. She was Styling Assistant at Petra Flannery Studio, Assistant Wardrobe Stylist and Personal Shopper at Buy Request and Account Executive at Bella Luxx.

After that, she was hired as a Senior Stylist & Cutsom Specialist at Trunk Club. After working for over a year, she was promoted to Sales Manager & Custom Specialist in February 2016. She took charge of the Sales department as a Director from November 2013 to November 2017.

She was a Member Executive and Director of Charter at Surf Air.

In May 2019, she joined Q Clothier as a Director of Sales. Her years of knowledge and experience helped her get the Senior Director of Sales post in January 2022.

Haley Clark Age

Haley Clark is 34 years old. Troy Aikman is 56 years old, meaning an age gap of 22 years between the sales director and the three-time Super Bowl Winner.

The sales director with her nephew twins in 2020
The sales director with her nephew twins in 2020( Source : instagram )

Clark was born in 1989 in Dallas, Texas. Meanwhile, her companion is from West Covina, California, and was born on 21st November 1966.

When the now-girlfriend of the 1997 NFL Man of the Year was born, the former-NFL player had already graduated from the University of California and was the 1989 Cotton Bowl MVP.

Haley studied Sociology with a major in Markets and Culture at Southern Methodist University. She got her bachelor's degree in 2011.

During that time, the Monday Night Football commentator was a father of two and was going through the separation procedure from his first wife.

Troy Aikman Past Relationships

Tory Aikman has been married and divorced a couple of times. The former Quarterback has two daughters from his first marriage.

Before committing to settle down, the flamboyant personality was involved in a romantic relationship with Lorrie Morgan. The duo started dating in late 1993.

Lorrie Morgan dated the former-footballer in 1993
Lorrie Morgan dated the former-footballer in 1993( Source : twitter )

The country singer was dazzled by the former Dallas Cowboys star. Texas Monthly did a piece about the former-NFL player in 1998 and described Morgan's fascination with the sportsperson.

As per the report, the singer wanted to be his better half "more than anything," as revealed in her autobiography "Forever Yours, Faithfully: My Love Story."

Rhonda Worthey

Troy Aikman married Rhonda Worthey on 8th April 2000. They became parents to Jordan Ashely Aikman and Alexa Marie Aikman, a.k.a Ally Aikman.

Rhonda Worthey worked as a publicist for the Dallas Cowboys in the lates 1990s
Rhonda Worthey worked as a publicist for the Dallas Cowboys in the lates 1990s( Source : twitter )

Rhonda is 53 years old and celebrates her birth anniversary on 2nd May. She studied public relations and landed herself a work opportunity as a publicist for the Dallas Cowboys.

Then she met the Pro Football Hall of Famer and developed a romantic correlation in the late 1990s. After keeping their association private, the two finally exchanged vows after the turn of the millennium.

Before the Quarterback, she was previously married and had a daughter named Rachel. The two enjoyed a healthy relationship for more than a decade.

Unfortunately, the couple called quits on 24th January 2011, and the paperwork was finalized on 12th April.

Catherine "Capa" Mooty

Troy Aikan wife Catherine Mooty got hitched on 1st September 2017 reports The Sun. Mooty is an entrepreneur and a fashion icon.

Catherine Mooty with her son Luke in 2022
Catherine Mooty with her son Luke in 2022( Source : instagram )

The fashionista celebrates her natal day on 13th October. The 52-year-old hails from Dallas, Texas.

The two got engaged on 2nd June 2017 and took it down the aisle at the Biltmore Four Seasons in California the same year.

Before committing to the ex-NFL sportsperson, Mooty was married to Jerry Mooty, the nephew of Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys. The pair parented two sons named Val Mooty and Luke Mooty. The duo divorced in 2013.

Likewise, the tides seem to have turned against Mooty as her matrimony with Aikman appears to be slipping away. Although the pair have not publicly announced anything, the recent picture of her better half with Haley Clark has caught the media's attention.

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