College Football Prospect Camps 2023

By Shraddha Rai / 22 June 2023 08:11 AM

The schedule for Brent Key Football Camp which will be held at Bobby Dodd Stadium
The schedule for Brent Key Football Camp which will be held at Bobby Dodd Stadium( Source : instagram )

College football prospect camps 2023 are conducted by Clemson University, University of Alabama, Wake Forest University, and Kent State among many others.

D1 college football camps 2023 were organized by Baylor University, Brown University, and Arizona State University to name a few.

The main objective of arranging such a training program is to evaluate the probable student-athletes who can join the campus. It is a way to bring together players and coaches from around the U.S. and provide a suitable environment for their interaction.

Head Coaches and other staff closely examine the campers and offer scholarships to the most talented and deserving ones.

The camps are primarily organized in summer, and especially around June. These are of utmost importance because they play a vital role in the recruitment process of collegiate athletes.

It is a golden opportunity for young players who are in high school or junior college to showcase their talent and skills. Those who are able to make an impression and stand out in the crowd have a high chance of getting listed on the NCAA Football Transfer Portal.

On the other hand, it is an occasion where one can build relationships, connections, and networking. So, either way, it is fruitful to attend a one to two-day program.

Clemson University

Clemson football camp 2023 was mentored by more than 30 other coaches from colleges throughout the U.S. The event started on May 1 and ended on June 7.

It is also referred to as Dabo Swinney Football Camp. Dabo Swinney is the head coach at Clemson University with a winning percentage of .800.

Besides Swinney, Clemson Tiger coaching staff, current Clemson players, and other highly qualified guest college coaches attended the event to share their knowledge with the attendees.

Clemson is highly reputed for being one of the two programs to make at least six College Football Playoff appearances.

Moreover, they have won at least six College Football Playoff games. Through this program, they introduced the participants to the tradition of Tiger Football.

Here is the brief schedule of the training program:

  • May 31 and June 1: for High Schoolers (Cost $100 per session)
  • June 9-11: 3-Day Overnight Camp (Cost between $295 to $375)
  • June 9-7: Youth Camp and 2-Day Commuter Camp ($225)

The registration locations are:

  • High School One Day Camps - Poe Indoor Practice Facility
  • Overnight High School Camp - Memorial Stadium
  • Youth Camp - Poe Indoor Practice Facility

Football practices will be held at Clemson Football Practice Fields, situated at the Allen N. Reeves Football Complex, Jervey Meadows, and around Fike Field House.

Linebacker Sammy Brown recently committed to Clemson after taking part in the training program. Other players who were present at Clemson are:

  1. Skyler Zimmerman - Linebacker
  2. Dexter McClean Jr. - Wide Receiver/Tight End
  3. De’Twann Collins - Wide Receiver

Likewise, the following coaches were present at the program:

  1. Nick Mata
  2. Mitch Thomas
  3. Khalil Ward
  4. Jeff Tate
  5. Anthony Giugliano
  6. Tyler Grisham

University of Alabama

Alabama Football Camp 2023 is led by Nick Saban and his staff. Saban serves as the Head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide Football team.

There is only a one-day program where all of the participants will be handed in with instructions.

Through this program, Alabama college officials are aiming to provide the campers with the same quality of coaching that the present Alabama players are getting.

JT Loper, a quarterback aged 12, impressed Nick with his adroitness of the game. Also, Caston Brown of Oak Grove High School who plays as a Tight End was also present there.

Brock Pushing at the University of Alabama to attend the training program
Brock Pushing at the University of Alabama to attend the training program( Source : twitter )

The Coaches who were invited to this event are:

  • Tyler Gold
  • Coach Freddie Roach
  • Coleman Hutzler

The athletes who were invited to the football event are:

  1. Brody Michael - Quarterback Dual Threat
  2. Jamarion White - Linebacker

On June 1 the event started. It will end on July 25. Here is the schedule of the training program:

  • June 5 - Elementary and Middle School (age 8-13)
  • June 5 - Youth Camp
  • June 7 - High School Camp 4
  • June 10 - High School Camp 4 (Kicking Camp)
  • June 12 - High School Camp 5
  • June 14 - High School Camp 6
  • June 17 - High School Camp 7 (OL/DL Camp)
  • June 21 - High School Camp 8
  • June 24 - High School Camp 9
  • June 25 - High School Camp 10

Wake Forest University

Wake Forest football camp 2023 is scheduled on June 7 for the Elite One Day Camp IV at Winston - Salem in North Carolina. The registration fee is priced at $55.

The players who will be attending are:
  • Jonathan Rhett - Irmo High School
  • Tristen Payne - Milton High School
  • Nse Uffort - Swain County High School

Likewise, these coaches will be present there: 

  • Dave Clawson (Head Coach of Wake Forest)
  • Brad Lambert
  • Glenn Spencer
  • Aaron Brand

The June 2, 3, and 4 events have already been completed. The dates for the remaining events priced at $55 are:

  • June 9 - Elite One Day Camp V and 2023 Specialist Camp
  • June 10 - Elite One Day Camp VI
  • June 16 - Elite One Day Camp VII
  • June 23 - Elite One Day Camp VIII
  • June 25- Elite One Day Camp IX

Kent State

Kent State Mega Camp 2023 happens at Dix Stadium and Indoor Field House on the 17th of June. Head Coach Kenni Burns will be leading the training program.

The 2023 Ohio Mega Camp is for players between the age group of 14 and 20 studying from 9th grade to College Sophomore. The registration should be completed by the 15th of June.

Tickets are priced at $75 but team discounts have been provided. A team of 15+ players can get a discount of $15 per person.

UNC Charlotte

UNC Charlotte football camp will be held on the 9th of June and the 16th. The program will be organized at Richardson Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

On 9 June, the Registration process will begin. Only high school students are allowed. Only 250 players per session are allowed with a cost of $60 for one session.

Below is the list of athletes who will take part in the most awaited program:

  1. Clarence Gaspard
  2. Aiden Black
  3. CJ Bragg
  4. Zayden Murillo
  5. Keen Kenyon

The coaches who will provide training are:

  1. Rod Ojong
  2. Ryan Osborn
  3. Justin Sanders
  4. Micah A. Mills
  5. Biff Poggi

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech football camp also known as Brent Key Football Camps will be mentored by the head coach Brent Key. The prospect camp commenced on June 1.

It is also set for the 8th of June from 12 pm to 4 pm at the price of $50 per person. Age, number, and grade will be taken into account before admitting them.

On June 15, O-Line/ D-Line Mega Camp is scheduled where coach Shawn Elliott will be present. Likewise, on June 21, Quarterback camp with Chris Weinke and Brent Key will take place.

Also, coaches like Cory Beck and Nathan Brock will be there.

The participants will have to pay $100 per person. Here are players who will grace the field of Georgia Tech in the upcoming training program:

  1. Jeremiah Quinn
  2. Lawson Estes
  3. Shamar Jenkins
  4. Nasir Walls
  5. Bryson Riggins
  6. Ryan Taleb
  7. Josh Spears

Georgia State University

Georgia State football camp 2023 took place on the 3rd and 4th of June. Coaches from Divisions I, II, and III will be at the training program.

Even NAIA Universities and Junior Colleges coaches will assist in the football event. The head coach Shawn Elliott, as well as The Georgia State Coaching staff, will collaborate with them and address the campers.

The Shawn Elliott Showcase gave the first-hand experience of the passion and enthusiasm of the Georgia State Panthers to the attendees.

Players from 9th grade to above participated in it after listing their names at a cost of $50.

These are some of the attendees:

  1. Jayd’n Jenkins
  2. Brayden Rouse
  3. Camron Prather
  4. Mason Mancini
  5. Jamarcus Jr. Smith
  6. Jaden George

And the coaches are:

  1. Ben L Bailey
  2. John Holt
  3. Trent McKnight
  4. Shawn Elliott
  5. Jeremy Johnson
  6. Stewart

Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern football camp has a booking open for the 2023 Elite Camp. The program is set for June 17.

It is available for attendees from Junior College players, 9th to 12th-grade athletes, and those who are in the NCAA Transfer Portal.

The field sessions of this event include agility work and 1 on 1 drill with coaches including Clay Helton.

Few other camps have already been conducted. Camen Upshaw of St. John Paul II Catholic Highschool made a Tweet that he received an offer from the University after attending the camp.

Knyon Simmons who plays as a defensive back and wide receiver at the same school also obtained an offer from the college.

Wayne State University

Wayne State University football camp will organize the Prospect Camp on June 15. The campers will have to pay $63.60 to get entry.

The registration will take place at Doris J. & Donald L. Duchene Sr. Athletic Facility. Only high school students are allowed and those who have already begun their senior year can not participate.

There both players and coaches will interact, and expand their understanding regarding college football.

On the 1st of June, National College Showcase Camp was held and student-athletes like Justin Lawton and Mikeshun Beeler made attendance.

Before the prospect camp, Youth Camp will take place at Tom Adams Field on 10 June under the coaches Mel Tucker, Enloe Clemons, and Jim Harbaugh.

Texas Christian University

TCU football camp 2023 had the main objective of disseminating knowledge regarding the game to the participants, in a fun and engaging way.

It is also called Sonny Dykes Summer Football after their head coach Sonny Dykes. From beginners to intermediate and advanced levels, all sorts of expertise are provided to the attendees.

Besides the skills for the game, important aspects of human life like teamwork, networking, and sportsmanship are also taught to the participants

Player Dominic Sansone of Rochester, University was invited to the training program. Besides that, Julian Knox attended the training program on the 5th of June and also received an offer letter from the college

Here are the dates of the various events:

  • June 3 and 4: DFW Showcase
  • June 6-8: Youth Camp
  • June 7-8: Middle School Camp
  • June 11: Specialist Camp
  • July 29: Day Camp

Southern Methodist University

SMU football camp 2023 has already been completed on 2 June and 3 June. Two sessions happened on the first day.

One was held at 2 pm and another at 6 pm. On the second and the last day, there were three sessions, at 10, 2, and 6 pm.

Head Coach Rhett Lashlee led The SMU Football camp a.k.a The Third Annual Dallas Showcase.

Wildcats at the SMU training program on June 3
Wildcats at the SMU training program on June 3( Source : twitter )

Below are the players who showed up at the event:

  1. Cameron Hunter
  2. Tyler Gottschalk
  3. Colton Welch
  4. Sean Kessner
  5. Donavan Hollis
  6. Deitrick Reece

The coaches are: 

  1. Marshall Williams
  2. Isaac Rimada
  3. Landen Abernethy
  4. Jacob Henry

Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State football camp will organize the 2023 Elite Prospect Camp on July 15. The program will begin at 9 am and end at 12  pm.

The deadline for registration is July 10. For those who go early i.e. until July 5, they will have to pay a $55 registration fee, and latecomers will have to pay $65.

Head coach Brian Bohannon along with other coaches will be mentoring the campers.

These players are most likely to show up at the Kennesaw State:

  1. Tyler Humes
  2. Tyson Howard
  3. Ben Turner
  4. JeremiahDeRoche
  5. Malone Pesqueira

And these coaches will be present:

  1. Matt Kemper
  2. Ossie Buchannon
  3. Nathan Burton
  4. Darius Safford
  5. James Mayden

Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan football camp saw more than 100 coaches from over 40 programs. The program was held on May 30 at The Factory, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Midweek MACtion Camp was a one-day training program. Players in all positions like punters, long snappers, and kickers were welcome to attend.

A student-athlete named Khalid Campbell from Clearwater Academy International Knights Football tweeted that he received an offer after attending the football event.

As the program ended, the campers also got an insight into the recruitment process and goals of Eastern Michigan football.

These players showed up at the event:

  1. Jackson Steel Sage
  2. Fisher Brinegar
  3. Jerome Howe
  4. Mason Heintschel
  5. Max Gembus

Below are the list of coaches:

  1. Mike Piatkowski
  2. Bo Alexander
  3. Jeffrey Collett
  4. Sean Coughlin
  5. Chris Creighton

East Carolina University

East Carolina football camp including the Prospect camp will occur at ECU Athletic Campus. Students from 9th to College Sophomores can take part.

The objective of this program is to provide information on both the offensive and defensive lines. Group drills will also be conducted.

Not only that, body measurements of the campers like height, speed, and weight will be checked.

These are the players who have already taken part in the training program:

  1. Miles Robinson
  2. Jamorius Wilson
  3. Parker
  4. Christian Edmundson

Darren E. Logan and Trevor Jamieson will be attending on June 11.

These are the coaches will give their valuable input to the campers:

  1. Blake Harrell
  2. Jamorius Wilson
  3. Tripp Weaver
  4. Mike Houston
  5. Roy Tesh

Here is the schedule of the training program:

June 4 - Already completed

June 11 - Can be registered at $50 on their official website.

June 15 - Available to be registered at the same price by June 12.

June 18 - Should be registered by June 15

Mercer University

Mercer University football camp saw around 1400 campers from more than 90 universities. The program was named Raise the Bar Mega Camp per the 41NBC YouTube.

In this training program, even Tony Dungy, the retired NFL coach's son Justin made an attendance. The Mega Camp was held on June 1 and June 3 for high schoolers, transfers, and junior college athletes.

Below are the names of the players who made an attendance:

  • Solomon Clark
  • Bryce Ford
  • DeMarcus Elliott
  • Jermane Hayes
  • Aidan Andrews

And these are the coaches:

  • Tony Dungy
  • André Pope
  • Ryne Strickland
  • Nero Hawks


UCLA football camps have the provision of a specialized football training program for important positions like QB, RB, WR, TE, and a few others.

It is strictly for male athletes. On June 13, Camp 2 will be organized at Wasserman Football Center. Similarly, Camp 3 and Camp 4 will be organized on June 16 and June 20.

Coaches like Jerry Neuheisel and Chip Kelly will grace the event. These are the players who are most likely to attend:

  • Ryan Isenhart
  • Kanon Kayyem
  • Bryce Herges
  • Drew Shanley
  • Maison Johnson

Auburn University

Auburn football camp 2023 finished the Auburn Elite Camp on June 6. The ticket fee range from $40 per person to $350 per team.

Holden Smith attended the Elite Camp. The upcoming High School 7 on 7 Camp I is set for June 8. Luke Dolby will be attending.

Following is the list of coaches who are a part of this event:

  1. Philip Montgomery
  2. Big Pete
  3. Coach Bill 
  4. Michael Williams
  5. Ian Frasier
Alex Ranick had a great time at the training program held in Auburn University on June 6
Alex Ranick had a great time at the training program held in Auburn University on June 6( Source : twitter )

A brief schedule of the program is highlighted below:

  1. June 9: High School Elite Camp III
  2. June 10: Auburn Ladies Forum
  3. June 11: High School Elite Camp IV
  4. June 12: Tigers Youth Camp
  5. June 14: High School Specialist Camp
  6. June 14: High School Elite Camp V
  7. June 15: High School 7 on 7 Camp II
  8. June 15: High School OL/DL Camp II

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma football camp 2023 started in June with High School Elite Camp 1. The cost of registration ranges from $75 to $200.

These athletes were a part of the event:

  • Christian Young
  • Joseph Rodriguez
  • Evenson Malaska
  • Braxton Canada
  • Luke White

And the coaches are:

  • Dawson Brake
  • Garrett Sullivan
  • Chad Enloe
  • Brent Venables
  • Jeff Lebby

Other dates of the Brent Venables football training program are:

  • June 3: High School Elite Camp 2
  • June 6-7: Youth Camp 1
  • June 8: High School Elite Camp 3
  • June 13: High School Elite Camp 4
  • June 15: High School Elite Camp 5
  • June 19-20: Youth Camp 2

University of Texas

University of Texas football camp 2023 was ushered by the Head Football Coach Steve Sarkisian along with other coaching staff.

The attendees of the program are:

  1. Isaiah Gaitan
  2. Johann Cardenas
  3. Bear McWhorter
  4. Jorge Serna

Following are the coaches who were present to guide the attendees:

  1. Steve Sarkisian
  2. Tashard Choice
  3. Jeff Banks
  4. JM Jones

The sessions are being held at Frank Denius Practice Fields per Texas Sports. The Elite Camp was completed on June 3.

These are the remaining programs:

  • June 10: June Specialist Camp
  • June 11: 40 Acre Take-Over Camp
  • June 19-20: Hook 'Em Horns Youth Camp

Only the Hook 'Em Horns Youth Camp is available for registration at the price of $200.

D1 College Football Camps 2023

D1 College Football Camps 2023 are organized by Alabama A&M University, Boston College, and Clemson University as well. The camp lasts for 3-4 hours generally.

Sometimes, it can run for a few days. Among the 361 Division 1 colleges from across America, here are a few colleges that hosted camps this year:

  1. Arizona State Univesity
  2. Baylor University
  3. Brown University
  4. Central Michigan University
  5. Colorado State University
  6. Idaho State University
  7. Indiana State University
  8. Jacksonville State University
  9. Louisiana State University
  10. North Dakota State University
  11. Rice University
  12. University of Arkansas
  13. University of Delaware
  14. University of Idaho
  15. Indiana State University

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