NCAA Football Transfer Portal List and Team Rankings 2023

By Sushan Shrestha / 5 June 2023 10:53 AM

The college football transfer portal opens two times in an offseason
The college football transfer portal opens two times in an offseason( Source : twitter )

NCAA Football transfer portal list has 2,679 players in 2023 with Travis Hunter and DJ Uiagalelei. Already 1,429 have committed to their new teams.

The winter and spring cycle allowed student-athletes to find new college for football. The eligible years left with players and the team change can be something worthy of making them a sought-out name among the scouts.

College programs are always at the edge of their seat to attain the best prospects available anywhere in the nation. It helps them create a formidable group to challenge for the national championship.

Getting a five-star recruit in the transfer cycle can make the hope and dream a reality.

Texas Longhorns got the five-star Wide Receiver Adonai Mitchell on 19th January. The addition of Johntay Cook II and DeAndre Moore Jr. lands them a no.9 spot for the future offense on ESPN ranking.

Likewise, many other college programs can go for available sportspersons and land them a shot at the championship.

College Footballl Transfer Portal Rankings

College football transfer portal rankings are 1. Colorado Buffaloes, 2. USC Trojans, 3. LSU Tigers, 4. Florida State Seminoles, and so on.

Many collegiate athletes were moved from one football program to another. The highlights of the spring window were five-star recruits Travis Hunter, Adonai Mitchell, and Denver Harris.

Top prospect Bear Alexander moves to USC Trojans
Top prospect Bear Alexander moves to USC Trojans( Source : twitter )

Numerous four-star performers found new teams for the upcoming campaign.

Below is the categorization of the teams based on who they got and who they let go this year.

10. Louisville Cardinals

Louisville football recruiting 2023 includes:

  • Marcus Washington
  • Jamari Thrash
  • Devin Neal
  • Storm Duck
  • Marquis Groves-Killibrew
  • Brady Allen
  • Cam Kelly
  • Kevin Coleman
  • Keith Brown
  • Jack Plummer
  • John Paul Flores
  • Jimmy Calloway
  • Jadon Thompson
  • Issac Guerendo
  • Rodney McGraw
  • Willi Tyler
  • Lance Robinson
  • Joey Gatewood
  • Stephen Herron Jr.

Likewise, the following names moved to other programs:

  • Caleb Banks
  • Monty Montgomery
  • Nicario Harper
  • Trevion Cooley
  • Luke Kandra
  • Dorian Jones

9. UCLA Bruins

UCLA Bruins football recruiting 2023 comprise:

  • J. Michael Sturdivant
  • Collin Schlee
  • Carson Steele
  • Kayle Ford
  • Jordan Anderson
  • Keanu Williams
  • Oluwafemi Oladejo
  • Moliki Matvao
  • Jake Heimlicher
  • Anthony Adkins
  • Khadere Kounta
  • Spencer Holstege
  • Jake Wiley
  • Blake Glessner

The Bruins let go of the following players:

  • Nicholas Barr-Mira
  • Tyler Manoa

8. Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas football recruiting 2023 involves:

  • Jaheim Singletary
  • Anthony Booker
  • Tyrone Broden
  • Alfahiym Walcott
  • Var'Keyes Gumms
  • Andrew Armstrong
  • Lorando Johnson
  • Jaheim Thomas
  • Joshua Braun
  • Antonio Grier
  • Jacolby Criswell
  • Issac TeSlaa
  • Trajan Jeffcoat
  • John Morgan
  • Keivie Rose
  • Arthur Brathwaite

Below are the performers who went to other teams:

  • Anthony Brown
  • Kari Johnson
  • Isaiah Nichols
  • Jordan Domineck
  • Myles Slusher
  • Malik Hornsby
  • Ketron Jackson
  • Jalen Catalon
  • Trey Knox

7. Auburn Tigers

Auburn football recruiting 2023 contains:

  • Avery Jones
  • Caleb Burton
  • Dilon Wade
  • Justin Rogers
  • Gunner Britton
  • Brian Battle
  • Payton Thorne
  • Rivaldo Fairweather
  • Jyaire Shorter
  • Shane Hooks
  • DeMario Tolan
  • Mosiah Nasili-Kite
  • Nick Mardner
  • Elijah McAllister
  • Austin Keys
  • Larry Nixon III
  • Lawrence Johnson
  • Jaden Muskrat

Below is a list of individuals who were taken by other teams:

  • Craig McDonald
  • Keiondre Jones
  • Tar'varish Dawson
  • Jeffrey M'ba
  • Marquis Robinson
  • Landen King
  • J.J. Evans
  • Zach Calzada
  • TJ Finley

6. Wisconsin Badgers

Wisconsin football recruiting 2023 includes:

  • C.J. Williams
  • Tanner Mordecai
  • Nick Evers
  • Bryson Green
  • Darian Varner
  • Jake Renfro
  • Joe Huber
  • Braedyn Locke
  • Jason Maitre
  • Jeff Pietrowski
  • Nyzier Fourqurean
  • Will Pauling
  • Quincy Burroughs
  • Nathanial Vakos

The following athletes committed to other universities:

  • Jaylan Franklin
  • Deacon Hill
  • Tristan Monday
  • Semar Melvin
  • Isaac Guerendo
  • Logan Brown
  • Graham Mertz
  • Titus Toler

5. Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma football recruiting 2023 are:

  • Andrel Anthony
  • Brenen Thompson
  • Dasan McCullough
  • Emeka Megwa
  • Trace Ford
  • Walter Rouse
  • Davon Sears
  • Jacob Lacey
  • Rondell Bothroyd
  • Austin Stogner
  • Reggie Pearson Jr.
  • Caleb Shaffer
  • Blake Smith
  • Troy Everett
  • Konnor Near
  • Luke Elzinga

These performers have found new groups for the new season:

  • Brey Walker
  • Alton Tarber
  • David Ugwoegbu
  • Clayton Smith
  • Nick Evers
  • Jaden Davis
  • Theo Wease

4. Florida State Seminoles

Florida State football recruiting 2023 comprises:

  • Jaheim Bell
  • Fenrell Cypress
  • Keon Coleman
  • Branden Fiske
  • Jeremiah Byers
  • Gilber Edmond
  • Darrell Jackson
  • Kyle Morlock
  • Casey Roddick
  • Keiondre Jones

Similarly, here is a list of sportspersons relocating to a new team:

  • Keyshawn Helton
  • Bishop Thomas
  • Amari Gainer
  • Jarrett Jackson
  • Travis Jay
  • Sidney Williams
  • Omarion Cooper
  • Brendan Gant
  • Malik McClain
  • Derrick McLendon II
  • Mycah Pittman
  • Treshaun Ward
  • Sam McCall
  • George Wilson
  • Demorie Tate

3. LSU Tigers

LSU football recruiting 2023 are:

  • Denver Harris
  • JK Johnson
  • Zy Alexander
  • Duce Chestnut
  • Aaron Anderson
  • Jordan Jefferson
  • Paris Shand
  • Logan Diggs
  • Omar Speights
  • Ovie Oghoufo
  • Bradyn Swinson
  • Mason Lunsford
  • Jalen Lee

Below is the footballer who found a new home for the upcoming season:

  • Jaelyn Davis-Robinson
  • Marcus Dumervil
  • Kole Taylor
  • Jack Bech
  • Damarius McGhee
  • Raydarious Jones
  • Derrick Davis Jr.
  • DeMario Tolan
  • Walker Howard
  • Jordan Toles

2. USC Trojans

USC football recruiting 2023 encompasses:

  • Bear Alexander
  • Dorian Singer
  • Christian Roland-Wallace
  • Emmanuel Pregnon
  • Anthony Lucas
  • Mason Cobb
  • MarShwawn Lloyd
  • Jack Sullivan
  • Tre-Quon Fegans
  • Jarrett Kingston
  • Michael Tarquin
  • Jamil Muhammad
  • Kyon Barrs
  • Edward Czaplicki

These Torjans' performers will play for new teams in 2023:

  • Jayden Williams
  • Jake Smith
  • Malcolm Epps
  • Courtland Ford
  • Ralen Goforth
  • Xavion Alford
  • Kyle Ford
  • Gary Bryant Jr.
  • C.J. Williams 
  • Julien Simon

1. Colorado Buffaloes

Colorado football recruiting 2023 includes:

  • Derrick McLendon
  • Travis Hunter
  • Shedeur Sanders
  • Xavier Weaver
  • Sav'ell Smalls
  • Demout Kennedy
  • Alton McCaskill
  • Jimmy Horn Jr.
  • Myles Slusher
  • Leonard Payne
  • Jeremiah Brown
  • Brendan Gant
  • Savion Washington
  • Jordan Domineck
  • Xavier Weaver
  • Shane Cokes
  • Yousef Mugharbil
  • Vito Tisdale
  • Omarion Cooper
  • Tar'varish Dawson

These are the outgoing athletes from the Buffaloes:

  • Taylor Upshaw
  • Nikko Reed
  • Casey Roddick
  • Seydou Traore
  • Montana Lemonious-Craig
  • Jordyn Tyson

Transfer Portal Team Rankings

Transfer portal team rankings 2023 are topped by Colorado Buffaloes. They landed Defensive Back Travis Hunter, a five-star recruit.

Colorado Buffaloes got no. 1 rated player, Travis Hunter
Colorado Buffaloes got no. 1 rated player, Travis Hunter( Source : twitter )

Here are the top 5 teams so far based on their transactions in the transfer market:

  1. Colorado Buffaloes
  2. USC Trojans
  3. LSU Tigers
  4. Florida State Seminoles
  5. Oklahoma Sooners

Colorado and LSU got themselves a potential future star in the form of five-star recruits Travis Hunter and Denver Harris.

Apart from Hunter, several four-star talents like Shedeur Sanders, Alton McCaskill, Demouy Kennedy, Jimmy Horn, etc., joined the Buffaloes.

Likewise, the Trojans strengthened their backline with BEar Alexander, Anthony Lucas, Jack Sullivan, and Mason Cobb. The addition of MarShawn Lloyd and Dorian Singer makes them a strong contender in the Pac-12 conference.

LSU got Zy Alexander, KJ Johnson, Duce Chestnut, Paris Shand, Omar Speights, and Jordan Jefferson, solidifying their defense.

Getting Fentreel Cypress was a significant move for the Seminoles. Jaheim Bell at the Tight End position will be one to watch this season. The offense and defense look impressive for them to prove themselves as the challengers for the conference title.

The defensive line, including Dasan McCullough and Trace Ford, impose a significant threat in Big-12 by the Sooners. Wide Receivers Brenen Thompson and Andrel Anthony can trouble the wide route for the opponents.

NCAA Football Transfer Deadline

NCAA football transfer portal 2023 began on 5th December 2022. The first window was closed on 18th January 2023.

Over a thousand collegiate athletes put their names in the transfer portal in the winter cycle.

Quarterback Walker Howard joins Ole Miss Rebels
Quarterback Walker Howard joins Ole Miss Rebels ( Source : twitter )

Walker Howard left LSU to play for Ole Miss, Jordan Burch moved to Oregon Ducks, Sam Hartman took his services to Notre Dame, and Dante Cephas went to Penn State. These are some significant highlights of the winter trade cycle.

The transfer window once again opened on 15th April. The spring opening lasted for 15 days and closed on 30th April.

Denver Harris going to LSU Tigers took the atmosphere to another level. The Tiger has already got eleven 4-star sportspersons and is one of the top teams in the ranks.

Likewise, the NCAA Football TV Schedule 2023 will be first televised on NBC. It will cover the fixture between Notre Dame and Navy in Aviva Stadium.

Even after the end of the spring cycle, numerous players remain uncommitted. Barreyy Miller, Josh Wallace, Shaun Peterson, Swydou Traore, Dae Dae Hunter, and Jordan Hudson have the most potential from the lot.

CBS Sports stated that Hudson is rumored to go to SMU Mustangs.

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