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By Bibhatsu Thapa / 3 June 2023 04:56 AM

In memory of Myra Kraft, the announcers wore the lapel pin with her initials
In memory of Myra Kraft, the announcers wore the lapel pin with her initials( Source : facebook )

Fox Sports Announcers Lapel Pins Today are the philanthropic efforts shown by FOX Sports to support a charity during the broadcast.

These pins are a sign of solidarity and support for the causes they support, raise awareness, and honor the fallen.

What is the pin the Fox Sports guys are wearing is an intriguing question as this is what the lapel pins are supposed to do, i.e. to raise curiosity.

You might have wondered what these pins mean, and they are not for show but for a good cause.

Apart from the causes, the lapel pins are also used in a business manner with promoting brands, individuals, etc.

The broadcasters at FOX Sports have previously worn a pin with the number "6" engraved on it in support of the veterans and it meant "We've got your six".

They don't always mean for a charity or a cause but can be used to honor a particular person of inspiration or in memory of someone.

Fox Sports Lapel Pins Meaning

Fox Sports announcers lapel pins Joe Buck, Mike Bacsik, Vince Cellini, Matt Vasgersian, and Kevin Burkhardt all wore the pins during their time as broadcasters.

The label pins are so small in size but have a much greater impact and importance as they are a symbol that gives the viewers an idea of the message they want to convey.

It is worn on the lapels of the shirt or coat that the broadcasters wear and are more than just accessories as they express compassion and solidarity.

Each lapel that the announcers wear has a different meaning and is actually used to promote and raise awareness of an issue or in support of a particular organization that they are partners with.

The lapel pins are also important as it is used to identify and distinguish the individuals in the broadcasting team.

Fox NFL Lapel Pins are worn by the broadcasting team for the Children's Health Fund and the NFL has partnered with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital since 2012. 

FOX NFL Sunday lapel pins also featured pink ribbon pins which were in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In honor of the people who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack, and in support of the victims and their families, the broadcasters wore the 9/11 lapel pin.

The Fox Sports also celebrate veterans day with the broadcasters putting on the pins in honor of the veterans and appreciate their services.

The New England Patriots distributed over 70,000 lapel pins with the initials 'MHK' in memory of Myra Hiatt Kraft. She was a philanthropist and also the wife of the Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

The NFL started the NFL Play 60, an initiative to help the families and patients at St. Jude cope with serious illness by encouraging the youth to get active at least for 60 minutes a day.

NFL lapel pins will surely be worn by the broadcasting team in 2023 as they have done in the past like the "Salute to Service" campaign that the NFL started in 2011 and has raised more than $58 million

The NFL has committed to Honor, Empower, and Connect to the military community through this campaign, and also Rich Eisen's Run Rich Run fundraising 40-yard dash that was started eight years ago and has raised $5.2 million to date.

Fox Sports Supports Programs Explained

Fox Sports Lapel Pins has started a Support program and don the lapel pins in solidarity with the causes that they have identified with.

The support programs started in 2008 and have successfully helped more than 80 organizations in the U.S. as of today.

Their mission is to achieve "creating and advancing fighting chances for underserved youth and our military heroes".

The men and women who serve the country have a hard time adjusting to regular and civilian life after being away from it for so long, and FOX wants to help them with opportunities and make their life more comfortable.

The Fox Sports Support:

To play

Organizations that promote and increase the opportunities and access to play sports and improve the quality of sports programs along with closing the play equity gap.

At Inspiration

Organizations that equip the coaches and mentors with the required knowledge, skills, and tools that will help them achieve their goals on the field.

The goal is also to inspire both the youth as well as the veterans in the process.

At Opportunity

Organizations of the sports media will be given the exposure that back the military personnel's education, employment, and a positive future.

The other programs the FOX Sports Support is linked with are:

  • Girls on the Run
  • Girlsinc
  • America Scores
  • Angel City Sports
  • Boys & Girls Club of America
  • Foundation for Women Warriors
  • Good Sports
  • Heart of Los Angeles
  • LA84 Foundation
  • Purple Heart Homes

CBS Also Used Pins For Support

The broadcasters wore the pin of St. Jude Children's Hospital in solidarity to help and support their cause which they started in 2016.

CBS along with the NFL Today and College Football Today has been supporting St. Jude to make sure that the families of the patients never receive a single bill for their children's treatment.

CBS Sports' affiliation is not only related to the NFL but has the children of St. Jude included in almost every other sport as well as other activities.

The broadcasters are active for their cause like their 2022 Fantasy Football Today Draft-a-Thon Fundraiser during the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in support of St. Jude.

The broadcasters also used a lapel pin which was designed as the flag of America and was used by all the hosts and analysts keeping showing their respect for the country and its military.

As CBS broadcasts other sports as well, they are not limited to the NFL when it comes to using lapel pins but also used by other broadcasters while they have their air time.

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