What Happened To The Herd on FS1?

By Sushan Shrestha / 1 June 2023 11:20 AM

Lane Johnson with Colin and Joy, at the studion of The Herd in 2020
Lane Johnson with Colin and Joy, at the studion of The Herd in 2020( Source : twitter )

What Happened To The Herd on FS1? The Herd is not on TV today because the host Colin Cowherd is on leave for a vacation in Europe.

The sports talk show run for three hours on FS1 and Fox Sports Radio Program. It was first aired on KFXX AM in 2001.

The radio show made its way to ESPN Radio in 2004. It was renamed 'The Herd With Colin Cowherd.'

The program opens discussions on sports news stories where the host gives his opinion regarding the subject matter. It welcomes celebrities and sports analysts for interviews. Greg Cosell, Peter King, Jay Glazer, Mike Joy, Champ Bailey, Peter Schrager, and Daniel Cormier are some regular guests on the talk show.

Over the years, Colin has been part of many controversies. His insensitive remark during the death of Eddie Guerrero back in 2005 and Sean Taylor's murder in 2007 created headlines and presented him with a negative image.

However, the show's opinionated format makes it appealing to the fans. Any controversy can bring publicity and more people are attracted to that product.

Why Is The Herd Not On Tv Today?

The Herd is taking a break from its airing time of 12 p.m. on Fox. The absence of Colin Cowherd has led the show to take a hiatus for some time.

Before becoming a part of the FOX network, it used to air on ESPN. The program moved from ESPN in 2015 due to his negative remark on the intelligence level of players from the Dominican Republic to assess baseball.

It sparked fury from the audience, and Colin's show was pulled out from ESPN.

Since 2015, the Premier Network has taken the show under its wing.

NFL Pre Season Analysis

It used to be hosted by Colin and Kristine Leahy until 26th April 2018. Joy Taylor filled her place in 2018. She worked till 2022.

Currently, Colin co-hosts the program with Jason McIntyre.

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair with two anchors in 2020
WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair with two anchors in 2020( Source : twitter )

It covers the National Football League and College Football for the most part. Some prefer to call it a football show.

Similarly, it also brings content about the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, College Basketball, Soccer, the Olympics, MMA, Golf, and Boxing.

Cowherd provides his perspective on any news story circulating in the media. He gives his opinionated analysis, and interviews related people about the subject matter.

Hunch or Lunch, Where Colin was Right/Where Colin was Wrong. The Herd Hierarchy and The Blazin' 5 are regular segments of the three-hour-long show. A few years earlier, Colin had a 'best for last' segment where he took a phone call.

Many celebrities like Larry King, Joe Torre, Herman Edwards, Brian Billick, Chris Mortensen, and Adam Schefter have shown their presence to date.

Likewise, Nick Wright and Doug Gottlieb are the fill-in presenters of the program. 

Is Colin Cowherd On Vacation?

Is Colin Cowherd On Vacation? Yes, Colin is on vacation to Europe. Cowherd not on TV is because of his sightseeing and snorkeling trip to Iceland.

Colin was spotted in a diving gear for snorkeling
Colin was spotted in a diving gear for snorkeling( Source : twitter )

Likewise, The Herd won't air for some time due to Cowherd's absence. His vacation trip will leave the followers with no program for quite a time.

On 28th May, the anchor posted a reel on his Instagram with the caption "Peninsula in Iceland 🇮🇸." A day later, another short video was posted from Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik. It featured a hot spring pool.

Similarly, his Twitter account showed a river flowing between the rocky hills. The tweet wrote, "A glimpse of Iceland’s beauty. 🇮🇸."

The 59-year-old is having a relaxing time in Iceland. He has been to a bar, trying the white ale.

Colin has been to waterfalls and geysers, which he shared on Instagram. He was dressed in a diving suit for snorkeling. The anchor was seen cruising around the mountains.

When Will Herd Be Back On TV?

When Will Herd Be Back On TV? The Herd will be back on TV after two weeks.

Currently, Colin is in Iceland, enjoying his holidays. Due to that, the production is halted. It will be broadcasted back in FS1 after 14 days.

The operation is set to return on June 11
The operation is set to return on June 11( Source : twitter )

Colin has been absent from work since 28th May. A two-week leave will bring the production into play from 11th June.

When the exhibit returns to its regular schedule, the 2023 NBA Finals will be heading for Game 5.

It will give plenty of discussion on how the games will have panned out during four games between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat.

A week earlier, the production talked about LeBron's retirement, Gilbert Arenas's comment on Nikola Jokic, and the situation of Nikola Jokic at the current track to consider him the present best in the world.

Likewise, NFL mandatory minicamp is scheduled from 13 to 15 June. We can surely expect some insights into it.

They will surely bring some guests like former footballers or analysts, to discuss the trade rumors and discuss each team's strengths and weaknesses.

One can expect more sports talk once the production returns.

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