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NFL Primetime Games By Team For 2023

By Sushan Shrestha / 16 May 2023 05:04 AM

Seven teams have four and five slots in the pinnacle period
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NFL Primetime games by team has Kansas City Chiefs with six fixtures and Ravens with four. Chiefs will kick off the 2023 season against Lions on 7th September.

The Chiefs were the winner of Super Bowl LVII. The powerplay of Patrick Mahomes is one of the influencing factors for them to have such high matchups at the peak time.

Contrastingly, four teams got no primetime contest this year. Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans, and Indianapolis Colts are left out of the slots.

USA Today reports that the Quarterback setting for these franchises is the central factor for them being omitted from pinnacle hour. The unproven talents in their roster are cited as the main driving force for the decision.

Likewise, Washington Commanders will only have one tie at the peak hour. They are set to welcome Chicago Bears at FedEx Field on 5th October in the week 5 schedule. It will be a Thursday Night Football match.

NFL Most Primetime Games

Most primetime games NFL 2023 is awarded to four teams. In 2022, 13 teams were allotted the maximum number of slots.

These four teams will be seen contesting their ties at maximum numbers in the 2023 season
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Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, and Los Angeles Chargers will each feature in six of those. Their QBs are credited for selecting these four franchises with the maximum number of spots.

Josh Allen for the Chargers, Dak Prescott and Will Grier for the Cowboys, Patrick Mahomes for the Chiefs, and Justin Herbert for the Chargers are likely to put on great shows for the spectators.

Including Aaron Rodgers in the New York Jets has created a massive atmosphere around the camp. NFL reports that Jeffri Chadiha, Judy Battista, and Maurice Jones-Drew believe the Jets should have the most of those peak-hour ties.

The excitement following the 2023 draft was backed by the announcement of the home and away opponents. The release of the complete schedules for 2023 and the probability of XFL draft notable players coming to the NFL all lighten up the mood for the preseason and regular season.

Baltimore Ravens

Ravens primetime games 2023 consist of four fixtures. Their first slot is scheduled for week 11.

On 16th November, the week 11 tie will be played between Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals as Thursday Night Football. Viewers can enjoy it on Amazon Prime from 8.15 p.m. onwards.

Here are the remaining opponents:

  • Los Angeles Chargers - 26th November (week 12)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars - 17th December (week 15)
  • San Francisco 49ers - 25th December (week 16)

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills primetime games 2023 amounts to the tied-highest with three other teams. The Bills will play six of those.

Their first one is scheduled against New York Jets. It will take place on 11th September at MetLife Stadium. ESPN will telecast it.

Likewise, their outstanding five fixtures are listed below:

  • vs. New York Giants - 15th October (week 6)
  • vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 26th October (week 8)
  • vs. Cincinnati Bengals - 5th November (week 9)
  • vs. Denver Broncos - 13th November (week 10)
  • vs. Los Angeles Chargers - 23rd December (week 16)

Carolina Panthers

Panthers primetime games for 2023 are set for week 2 and week 10. They are among the five with only two slots.

The black marks home and white marks away fixtures for the Panthers
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The Panthers will contest against New Orleans Saints on 18th September. It will be televised via the ESPN network.

Similarly, the 10th-week tussle will be with Chicago Bears. The tie is set for 9th November.

Chicago Bears

Bears primetime games 2023 features four matches. They share the third-highest spot with six others.

On week 5, the Bears will go head-to-head with Washington Commanders. Thursday Night Football will take place on the 5th of October.

They will travel to Los Angeles on 29th October to battle the Chargers. Likewise, they will host Carolina Panthers on 9th November and again hit the road on 27th November to face Minnesota Vikings.

Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals primetime games 2023 have been allocated for week 3, 9, 11, and 13 fixtures. Two of them are at home, and two are away ties.

The first slot is for 25th September. They will face Los Angeles Rams at their own stadium.

Similarly, they will also host Buffalo Bills on 5th November. It will be their week 9 schedule.

Their away fixture is against Baltimore Ravens on 16th November and Jacksonville Jaguars on 4th December. The first is Thursday Night Football, while the latter is Monday Night Football.

Cleveland Browns

Browns primetime games 2023 have been marked for 18th September and 28th December. The first is allotted for week 2, while the next is for week 17.

On 18th September, they will head to Acrisure Stadium, one of the 10 loudest stadium in the NFL, to play Pittsburgh Steelers. Similarly, they entertain New York Jets for their week 17 tie.

Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys primetime games 2023 commences at MetLife Stadium. They will play New York Giants on 10th September.

Cowboys contest six of these on the peak hour
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They are one of the franchises allotted the highest peak hour television for the 2023 season. The remaining challenges are in the form of the following:

  • San Francisco 49ers - 8th October
  • Los Angeles Chargers - 16th October
  • Seattle Seahawks - 30th November
  • Philadelphia Eagles - 10th December
  • Detroit Lions - 30th December

Denver Broncos

Broncos primetime games 2023 begin on week 6. They compete with Kansas City Chiefs on 12th October in a Thursday Night Football.

Following that, they will travel to Highmark Stadium to face Buffalo Bills. It is planned for 13th November.

Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots will make their way to the Empower Field at Mile High on 19th November and Christmas Eve (24th December), respectively.

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions primetime games 2023 are four in total. The 20203 kickoff game will see them battle Kansas City Chiefs on 7th September.

They are scheduled to compete with Green Bay Packers on 29th September. The week 4 tie will air on Prime Video.

Ford Field will host Las Vegas Raiders on 30th October for a Monday Night Football. Once again, they will hit the road to play in front of the Cowboys fans on 30th December.

Green Bay Packers

Packers primetime games 2023 are second-highest, along with six others. They are given 5 slots.

They will have a Thursday Night Football opposite Detroit Lions on 29th September. The week 4 tie will be televised on Prime Video.

Las Vegas Raiders will welcome the Packers for the week 5 game. It will take place on 9th October.

The remaining spots cover the following:

  • vs. Kansas City Chiefs - 3rd December
  • vs. New York Giants - 11th December
  • vs. Minnesota Vikings - 31st December

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars primetime games are the most in the AFC South division with three setups.

They will meet New Orleans Saints on 19th October at Caesars Superdome. Likewise, they will contest with Cincinnati Bengals in their own yard. The contest is set for 4th December.

The last one is also a home match. Baltimore Ravens will be their opponent on 17th December.

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs primetime games 2023 are one of the highest with a total of six ties. They also had the exact numbers in 2021 and 2020.

The season opener will be held on the GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. The defending champions will face Detroit Lions on 7th September. Two other matches are scheduled at the same stadium.

All other ties for the Chiefs happening at the pinnacle hour are listed below:

  •  vs. New York Jets - 1st October (away)
  • vs. Denver Broncos - 12th October (home)
  • vs. Philadelphia Eagles - 20th November (home)
  • vs. Green Bay Packers - 3rd December (away)
  • vs. New England Patriots - 18th December (away)

Las Vegas Raiders

Raiders primetime games 2023 will take place five times. Four of these will be held at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada.

The week 8 fixture against Detroit Lions will be their only away match at the peak time. It is set for 30th October.

The other four meeting on the home turf consists of the following:

  • vs. Pittsburgh Steelers - 24th September
  • vs. Green Bay Packers - 9th October
  • vs. New York Jets - 12th November
  • vs. Los Angeles Chargers - 14th December

Los Angeles Chargers

Chargers primetime games 2023 are the same as the Chiefs. They have six spots, along with three more franchises.

Their first one occurs in week 6. They play Dallas Cowboys on 16th October on their own soil.

They will visit MetLife Stadium for their matchup opposite New York Jets on 6th November. The remaining four are as follows:

  • vs. Chicago Bears - 29th October (week 8)
  • vs. Baltimore Ravens - 26th November (week 12)
  • vs. Las Vegas Raiders - 14th December (week 15)
  • vs. Buffalo Bills - 23rd December (week 16)

Los Angeles Rams

Rams primetime games 2023 happen twice. They are second-lowest in NFC West after Arizona Cardinals.

The roster will head to Paycor Stadium to compete against Cincinnati Bengals. It is planned for Monday Night Football on 25th September.

For the week 16 setup, they travel to play New Orleans Saints. The schedule is for 21st December.

Miami Dolphins

Dolphins primetime games are set for weeks 2, 7, and 14. It is the least for any AFC East contestants.

They face New England Patriots on 17th September. It will be telecasted on NBC.

Their next now is versus Philadelphia Eagles on 22nd October. The last one happens on 11th December when they take on the Tennessee Titans.

Minnesota Vikings

Vikings primetime games occur five times. They are the joint leaders with the Packers in the NFC North Division.

Vikings got five spots for the peak hours in 2023
Source : twitter

They go head-to-head with Philadelphia Eagles on 14th September. The week 2 event will air on Prime Video.

The remaining four battles will be opposite these opponents:

  • San Francisco 49ers - 23rd October (week 7)
  • Denver Broncos - 19th November (week 11)
  • Chicago Bears - 27th November (week 12)
  • Green Bay Packers - 31st December (week 17)

New England Patriots

Patriots primetime games befall four times in 2023. They had five in 2022 and contested four from 24th November to 18th December.

They will welcome Miami Dolphins to Gillette Stadium on 17th September. The Sunday Night Football is part of week 2 and will be televised through NBC.

Another one takes place in week 14. It will be at the home ground of Pittsburgh Steelers on 7th December.

The last two will be opposite Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos. The first is planned for 18th December, while the next will be contested on 24th December.

New York Giants

Giants primetime games 2023 include the week 1 business with Dallas Cowboys. It will be a Sunday Night Football on 10th September.

They will visit the San Francisco 49ers on the 21st of September and host Seattle Seahawks on the 2nd of October.

Another entertaining battle is expected on 15th October when they face Buffalo Bills. NBC will broadcast it.

Week 14's setup with Green Bay Packers will be the last of the lot. It is planned for 11th December.

New York Jets

Jets primetime games 2023 happen five times. The first of the lot occurs on 11th September when they take Buffalo Bills on MetLife Stadium.

Likewise, another exciting watch will be Aaron Rodgers versus Patrick Mahomes in the setup against Kansas City Chiefs. It is allotted for 1st October.

The other three are as follows:

  • vs. Los Angeles Chargers - 6th November
  • vs. Las Vegas Raiders - 12th November
  • vs. Cleveland Browns - 28th December

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles primetime games 2023 start on week 2. They will welcome Minnesota Vikings at Lincoln Financial Field on 14th September.

The Eagles have the toughest NFL 2023 strength of schedule. The 2022  NFC Conference champions will tussle with Tampa Bay Buccaneers on 25th September.

The remaining three opponents for the pinnacle hour are as follows:

  • Miami Dolphins - 22nd October
  • Kansas City Chiefs - 20th November
  • Dallas Cowboys - 10th December

Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers primetime games 2023 occur in weeks 2, 3, 9, and 14. It is one less than the five matches in 2022.

A complete list of the peak duration ties is given below:

  • vs. Cleveland Browns - 18th September
  • vs. Las Vegas Raiders - 24th September
  • vs. Tennessee Titans - 2nd November
  • vs. New England Patriots - 7th December

San Francisco 49ers

49ers primetime games 2023 are the highest for the NFC West. They got five places this season, the same as the 2022 season.

Levi's Stadium will organize 3 out of 5 peak duration setups
Source : facebook

They begin their campaign opposite New York Giants on the 21st of September. Levi's Stadium will organize it.

Other four fixtures will feature these adversaries:

  • Dallas Cowboys - 8th October
  • Minnesota Vikings - 23rd October
  • Seattle Seahawks - 23rd November
  • Baltimore Ravens - 25th December, it is one of the Christmas Day Tripleheaders of 2023

Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks primetime games 2023 take place three times. It includes the Thanksgiving opposite the San Francisco 49ers on 23rd November.

It is the divisional tie for the NFC West. The last time such an occurrence happened was when Atlanta Falcons faced New Orleans Saints in 2018.

Likewise, the Seahawks battle New York Giants on 2nd October. They will encounter Dallas Cowboys on 30th November.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers primetime games got two allotments in 2023. The NFC South franchises were given only 8 spots.

The Bucs take on Philadelphia Eagles at Raymond James Stadium. It will be organized on 25th September.

The week 8 fixture for them will occur on 26th October. The Thursday Night Football will feature the Buccaneers opposite Buffalo Bills.

Tennessee Titans

Titans primetime games 2023 happen twice. The AFC South has only five allotments, the lowest by any division.

The first event is lined up for 2nd November. Their opponent is Pittsburgh Steelers.

The 11th of December slates them opposite Miami Dolphins. It will take place at Hard Rock Stadium.

NFL Teams Without Primetime Games

8 teams that got screwed by the NFL schedule comprise Atlanta Falcons,  Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants, and five more. New York Jets are also included.

These are eight clubs who have unfavorable schedule for 2023
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Four teams have no place in primetime

Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals, and Indianapolis Colts have zero peak time matches. Keeping the Cardinals away from the bunch, the three others have a comparatively potential squad.

Bijan Robinson for the Falcons, C.J. Stroud, the second overall pick, for the Texans, and Anthony Richardson for the Colts can create a pretty impressive atmosphere in the stadium. They are denied the opportunity to break out among the audience with no pinnacle hour setups.

Giants hit the road second most in the first 10 matches

Likewise, New York Giants have the first 7 out of 10 fixtures away from home. They are combined winners for the shortest gap between games this season.

The Giants have .549 strength of schedule, the joint-third toughest in the league.

Absurd schedule for the Jets

With the potential to emerge as the AFC East leaders, the Jets still have to prove their way as they have the fourth hardest strength of schedule.

The SOS score of .545 with commendable adversaries like the Bills, Chiefs, Eagles, Patriots, Cowboys, and Giants in back-to-back weeks put them in a tight spot.

Seahawks have to travel the most

Seattle Seahawks will hit the most miles in the league in 2023. The latter half of the season poses a significant threat.

From 24th November onwards, they face the 49ers twice, travel to battle the Cowboys, host the Eagles, and must overcome the Titans and Steelers.

The 49ers are joint-highest for facing bye-week opponents

Becoming the joint-first team to face clubs starting fresh via a bye week will be scary for the 49ers. They are not favored by the rest between games as well.

Similarly, they travel the second-most mile in the league. They trail behind the Seahawks.

Jaguars contest two consecutive London games

Jaguars face the Falcons on 1st October for their first London game. It will be organized at the Wembley Stadium.

For the consecutive week on 8th October, they face the Bills at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. On top of that, they return to the US and play the Colts, Saints, and Steelers. They are scheduled to get bye week only in week 9.

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